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What is the Metaverse?


"The current wealth of opportunities that advanced technologies provide, enable us to imagine today our near future. We have been studying and developing this future to make it real and tangible, today. To build solid foundations for businesses to evolve upon.

The Metaverse is part of this future and will likely transform the way we interact, through full immersive experiences that point towards a new digital economy."

Maximo Ibarra
CEO & General Manager, Engineering
What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse Year 1... and counting!

What is the Metaverse? And how is it evolving? When we asked this question at the beginning of 2021 in our first Trend Radar, the opinions on the subject were different and conflicting, but the attention was high.

Since then, we worked with stakeholders across a wide range of industries, including government, manufacturing, finance, retail, universities, and even healthcare and wellness. Over the past few months, we have seen a shift in perception, despite an initial skepticism.

Discover, in our Trend Radar, how we enable companies to explore the opportunities of the Metaverse.
How does the Metaverse work? Find out in this infographic.



Explore the Metaverse with us

Do you want to explore how to your business could leverage the Metaverse? We believe the best approach is to identify processes that already add value and incorporate immersive elements to enhance the service offered. We have lead the way, for clients and institutions when it comes to their Digital Transformation journey exploring and developing solutions with all those technologies that the Metaverse concept is based on: XR (AR / VR / MR), Blockchain, AI, Cloud, Cybersecurity and Digital Twin.

Discover, in our Trend Radar, the projects we are experimenting with our partners in all business sectors, from E-Health to Energy & Utilities, from Augmented City to Media & Communication, up to Digital Industry and Fashion & Retail.

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