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Challenges and Industry Trends

Utilities are facing challenges driven by digitalization, changing user needs, and environmental sustainability. Customers are now more focused on optimizing consumption and service quality, with the ability to easily compare alternative offers. This demands utilities to be flexible and innovative. Consequently:

  • Engaging customers through advanced digital services and effective communication is crucial, as is creating a memorable customer experience throughout their journey. Leveraging data to offer personalized tariff plans enhances customer satisfaction and overall energy efficiency.
  • Increasing operational efficiency is essential for competitiveness. Utilities must innovate internally by adopting technologies such as automation and algorithmic optimization to reduce costs and improve overall effectiveness.
  • Educating consumers about their energy footprint and promoting sustainable behaviors is equally important. Utilities need to develop awareness programs to help customers make responsible energy choices.

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Engineering has been operating as a consulting company in the Energy & Utilities sector for over 30 years in Italy and abroad. Experience has grown hand in hand with the development of the business, the pervasiveness of sector regulations (ARERA), the free energy market, and investments in the PNRR in the water sector.

IS-U is the global market-leading solution for managing all the vertical processes typical of the Energy & Utility sector, both regulated and non-regulated: Electricity, Gas, District Heating and Heat Management, Integrated Water Cycle, Environmental Hygiene Services.

Through highly professional services provided by our SAP IS-U team, we oversee the core Meter to Cash and Credit processes in all commodities: gas, power, district heating, heat management, integrated water cycle, waste management.

Today, Engineering holds a market-leading position and consolidated experience on the SAP IS-U platform in managing all meter to cash and credit processes, as well as in integrating IS-U into complex application maps.

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As SAP Gold Partner, we evolve ERP systems by integrating SAP solutions with our methodologies and deep process knowledge.