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Smartfit Pharma

Manage leads more efficiently.

Challenges and industry trends

Redesigning business models and enhancing consumer experience requires agility and flexibility, as well as new ways of thinking, collaborating, and working.

In fact:
  • +80% of pharmaceutical companies desire to adopt a new, more agile way of working.
  • +70% of Pharma companies want sales processes to be radically simplified.
  • +60% of Pharma sales representatives will move away from the traditional model due to limited access to data.

A CRM system allows addressing business needs by providing centralized management and data-driven guidance, offering personalized experiences.

What we do

Engineering has developed Smartfit Pharma, a Solution Extension based on SAP Sales Cloud that helps pharmaceutical companies improve their lead management process.

Smartfit Pharma orchestrates and simplifies sales activities by optimizing customer data collection and managing the conversion from Lead to Opportunity with all the necessary information for the preparation of drugs, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and other products. The solution guides sales representatives throughout their journey and helps them stay fully coordinated with other departments.

Smartfit Pharma enables industry professionals to:

  • Configure each product with a dynamic and user-friendly survey
  • Gain the right insights through customized Dashboards
  • Promote R&D department engagement to increase sales, enhance customer loyalty, and acquire new business.

Our solution is already packaged and ready for smart sales opportunity management, allowing Pharma companies to:

  • Use standards as much as possible to accommodate the evolution of their business
  • Reduce implementation costs, thanks to native integration with SAP S/4 HANA
  • Significantly mitigate risks and accelerate Time-to-Market.

What value for our Clients

Integrable with various technologies

Speed and lower cost for implementations

Solution robustness, already tested by SAP

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Case Study

Digitalizing Lead Management process with SAP Sales Cloud

We have redesigned the Customer Journey process to optimize lead acquisition from various entry points and subsequent qualification into an opportunity.

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Our Partners


As SAP Gold Partner, we evolve ERP systems by integrating SAP solutions with our methodologies and deep process knowledge.