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Digital Lending Platform


Financing life-cycle management: from customer needs, to credit approval, up to post-sale.

Hylender is the modular solution for the end-to-end Lending Processes in a Digital Transformation and process automation context.

It provides complete management of financing, mortgages and loans and covers the business needs of all customer segments (Private, Retail, Small Business, Corporate...).

Hylender is based on architectures and standards that natively envisage omnichanneling and the use of a wide range of devices (PC, tablet, mobile)

It is a modular platform ready for the integration with the most widespread systems of Business Process Management and Business Rule Engine.


Hylender enables the integrated management of all business problems related to the lending area.

It responds, quickly and flexibly, to the following needs:

  • facilitating the client and the financial institution during the relationship
  • enhancing business opportunities with the integration of different distribution channels
  • reducing the average processing time of a credit practice, through a completely guided process
  • using a complete platform giving a single front end, clear and user-friendly.