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The building-block solution that makes business processes more efficient.


The solution that enables efficient resource management, compliance, and cost-saving opportunities

For every product module, we pinpoint essential functionalities crucial for competitiveness and market readiness, assessing the necessary investments and organizational improvements.

The platform streamlines operations and ensures consistency, reducing costs and enabling informed decision-making. It maximizes space utilization and enhances productivity through personalized workstations.

Additionally, cost reduction measures, like energy consumption limits, further optimize efficiency by 5% to 30%. Overall, it facilitates efficient resource management, compliance, and proactive cost-saving opportunities.

The recent Italian Decreto-legge no. 19 of 2024 introduced the 'Transition 5.0 Plan', an ambitious initiative to promote investments in innovation and sustainability. One of the main innovations of the plan is the introduction of new tax credits, worth a total of EUR 6.3 billion, over the two-year period 2024-2025. These credits are intended to support companies making new investments in production facilities, aiming to reduce energy consumption and adopting innovative practices.

As part of the Transition 5.0 Plan, SAV.e represents not only an advanced technological solution to improve energy efficiency, but also a strategic opportunity for companies to reduce their operating costs and improve their competitiveness.

Indeed, with Sav.e it is possible to improve energy consumption and promote responsible practices, actively contributing to building a more sustainable and resilient energy future.
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What does SAV.e do?

SAV.e WORKSPACE Allows employees to reserve a desk for a specific period. Update management in real time about the situation of the shared desk. Space usage control by promptly managing any changes in regulations and emergency situations.

Enables the Facility Manager to optimize operating costs by centralizing all routine and extraordinary maintenance activities.

Provides An energy management control system that achieves consumption savings of 5% to 30% (by applying the ISO 50001 methodology and standards).

Gives an objective assessment of a company's impact on the environment. It allows the management and analysis of direct emissions, indirect emissions and all indirect emissions generated by the company's overall value chain.
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What are SAV.e benefits?

  • Maximization of space utilization
  • Increase in productivity
  • Cost reduction
  • Improved internal communication

  • Comprehensive view of site structure to be monitored
  • Tracking of necessary documentation
  • Monitoring of routine and extraordinary activities of service providers
  • More detailed view of asset performance

  • Allocation of energy costs to different product types
  • Comparison between similar plants and machines
  • Comparison of energy performance of different production shifts
  • Analysis of deviations between actual consumption and baseline
  • Identification of root causes of losses and attribution of responsibilities

  • Analysis of emissions across the entire value chain
  • Development of mitigation strategies and improvement actions at each stage of the value chain
  • Monitoring of carbon footprint in compliance with mandatory regulations
  • Identification of energy inefficiencies

Case Study

Energy Efficiency for manufacturing

We monitor the energy consumption to discover any leaks in real time and implement continuous cost improvement.