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District Heating Management

SSE: Sistema Servizio Energia

Our solution for the complete coverage of thermal plant management processes (Thermal Power Plants, District Heating, Cogeneration, Cooling).

SSE is a complete and integrated solution for scheduling, management and control of all activities related to the Energy Services and Heat Management Market.

It is designed for stakeholders that provide or manage energy and maintenance services for residential, public and commercial buildings (Managers, Maintenance, Energy Managers, Facility managers).

SSE supports the operation and management activities of technological thermal plants (thermal power plants and district heating systems) and enables the manager to deliver energy services that meet the regulatory and quality requirements of the Energy Service Contract.

It also provides a monitoring tool for economic and energy-saving goals and allows some information to be outsourced to the end customer (e.g., building administrator).

What Does It Do?

The solution is made up of specific integrated modules for complete coverage of Heat Management and District Heating processes.

Billing for district heating and thermal management

SSE Energy
Technical and economic control of orders and system consumption

SSE Maintenance
Facility management and maintenance planning

Apps dedicated to maintenance workers and customers

SSE Report
Data Warehouse on Qlik for the analysis of technical and commercial data of the order.
vDesk and the future of work


  • Reduction of "time to market" in the contextualization of solutions for customers, thanks to a high capacity for customization and flexibility of functions that guarantee very short project and Go Live times
  • Simplification of business processes thanks to a "fully paperless" approach
  • High integration with market ERP solutions, thanks to standard connectors, reducing integration times and safeguarding previous IT investments
  • Improvement of operational efficiency levels, thanks to the availability of highly qualified consultancy and assistance teams, with decades of experience in the knowledge of business processes in the Heating area
  • Possibility of the system to outsource some information to the end customer (customer of our PA client or condominium administrator).

Our impact on the world

The ecological transition is an absolute must in the energy development of our society; decarbonization is a strategic goal of the European Community and of our country.

Effective use of district heating has, in this scenario, several positive impacts: diversification of energy sources, reduction of emissions, increased energy efficiency, reduction of operating costs and simplicity in the management of user plants. Digital plays an essential role in the process: starting by rethinking together the way we produce and consume heat.

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