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We are on a digital transformation journey to make the future of manufacturing possible.

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Digital Industry

ENABLINGSERVICES Technology& Cloud Services Business & User Services IT Consulting MobileApplications UX & ServiceDesign Digital Communication& Strategy Design DESIGN PRODUCT & PROCESS Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)Engineering Data Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)Manufacturing Data Product Specification Management (PSM)for Process Industry Simulate SIMULATE PROCESS& THE DIGITAL TWIN Plant Simulation Process Simulation Supply ChainOptimization Source, Produce, Deliver EXECUTE & CONTROL PRODUCTION Manufacturing Execution Systems/MOM Factory Automation & Control Supply Chain Planning & Scheduling Asset Performance Monitoring & Maintenance WMS & TMS (SCE) Quality Control eCollaboration DIGITAL BACKBONE Utilize & Serve MONITOR PRODUCT& PROCESS Product PerformanceMonitoring Product Maintenance Sales, Field Service,Aftersales Management CRM E-Commerce Digital Marketing ENABLINGTECHNOLOGIES Cloud AR-MR-VR Blockchain IOT Robotic ProcessAutomation Digital Twin Cybersecurity AI & AdvancedAnalytics
Support downstream processes of product lifecycle, managing manufacturing, after-market support, bill of process, to ensure efficiency and quality. Support processes for product development (e.g. conception, engineering data, change management, specifications, simulation, quality definition, etc.). Improve development, configuration and management of product specifications, from raw materials to the packaging. Generate digital copies of production facilities, lines and processes to analyze manufacturing environments and improve, resource utilization and logistics. Emulate realistic behaviors of manufacturing processes through advanced 3D environments, facilitating process simulation involving human tools, devices and robots. Optimize Supply Chain Management decisions by improving sales, inventory, manufacturing, supplier and logistical management processes. Manage processes at the plant level such as MES, included in MOM, to control the execution of production, data collection, quality, and the update the ERP system. Support automation of manufacturing facilities through design and construction of fully integrated, intelligent control system, requiring sensors and data processing tools. Support the planning of production processes to ensure the sufficient amount of resources (employees, materials, etc.), according to market quality/quantity requirements. Provide real-time monitoring, management and maintenance of assets and equipment on the plant floor, improving performance, safety, reliability and longevity. WMS directs inventory movements within a distribution center, while TMS supports inventory movements from a distribution facility to delivery points. Review the quality of all factors involved in the production, as well as the final product, by testing output samples and being compliant with quality management standards. Manage and integrate inbound and outbound processes creating a collaborative workplace within a company, through a dedicated platform. Collect data from products and devices after they have left the factory, enabling manufacturers, consumers, businesses and cities to run more efficiently. Support fixing of products issues through tools, sensors and systems that can support operators or totally automate maintenance process Support companies to reach customer satisfaction during or after the purchase, through dedicated systems, tools and procedures. Manage customer orders, product delivery, marketing activities, order management, products information and strategies to reach the target in a timely and efficient manner. Support the commercial transaction through the internet of physical and virtual products and services. Support the marketing of goods and services via digital technologies and media. Services aimed to design, implement, transform, optimize and operate technology and cloud solutions. Services aimed to enhance, evolve and support end users in the adoption and use of business and technology solutions in the modern workplace. Services aimed to ensure the optimal coverage of Clients' business needs through technology. Services aimed to design, develop, implement and maintain omnichannel (including mobile) applications for connected devices. Services aimed to design software applications and services focusing on the quality of user experience and interfaces. Services aimed to design and implement Clients' strategies related to brand, online positioning and multimedia.

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Digital Industry

Our Digital Thread supports and guides manufactures as they navigate the demands, challenges and complexities of Digital Transformation.

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Evolving, enabling, extending your business through the Cloud.

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Supply Chain

Supporting Clients' Supply Chain Management strategy with process digitization and IT solutions.

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Dalla fabbrica digitale allo spazio

We make production data available for the production chain, enabling more efficient processes and fostering internal communication.

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We aim to create value for Pharma companies, integrating strategic and operational aspects, through the use of specific skills and innovative technologies.

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Cybersecurity protects and enables your organization as it embraces Digital Transformation.

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Steelworks 4.0

Using DiVE, our Smart Industry solution, we monitor production and efficiency for the steel industry.

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Robotic Process Automation

Process automation to enhance the human component of work 4.0.

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Digital Transformation enters the warehouse

With SAP we have migrated and integrated the system processes of a large household appliance company.

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AR and Collaborative maintenance: ABS

SPACE1 provides innovative capabilities to enable real-time virtual collaboration between the Operations Center and technicians maintaining plant facilities.

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Complexity managed by data automation

We automated the management of correct and complete information on the enormous quantity of products of a multinational home appliances.

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Transforming vehicles from simple means of transportation to integrated mobile data platforms

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Discover our vision on Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality, promising technologies which unleash the potential of your business.

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Digital Twin

Digital Twin is a digital copy of reality, that enables you to simulate and find answers in a risk free and secure environment.

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Quality Certification 4.0 for production

La nostra soluzione guida gli operatori in modo semplice e efficace, soddisfando tutti i requisiti per la certificazione di qualità.

Discover the Ecosystem of Platforms and Solutions for Digital Transformation chosen by our Customers


Assets Predictive Analysis, Monitoring & Integration

Digital Platform for Asset Integration, Performance Monitoring and Predictive Analysis.


Business Analytics

Open Source suite for modern business analytics initiatives from data visualization to deep analysis.


Field Service Management​

Holistic management of field services.