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Digital Media & Communication

Our vision is to become the end-to-end transformation partner for customers by leveraging digital technologies to create value, enabling new and integrated business models and improving operational processes

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Digital Media & Communication

ENABLINGTECHNOLOGIES Cloud AR-MR-VR Blockchain IOT Robotic ProcessAutomation Cybersecurity AI & AdvancedAnalytics Data Management Run & Maintain ApplicationDevelopment ApplicationRe-Engineering ApplicationOperation APPLICATION MANAGEMENT Network Engineering NetworkOperations NOC NETWORK MANAGEMENT Playout Managed Services Technical Help DeskServices InfrastructureManagement END USER SERV & INFRASTRUCTURE OPERATIONS Grow &Transform IT Strategy & CapabilityDriven Design IT Event & Data DrivenArchitecture Agile Organisation Implementation IT DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION User Experience Design Selfcare ProactiveCustomer Care CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT Customer EngagementSolutions Social Listening& Analytics OmnichannelCustomer Journey CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT & OMNICHANNEL ProcessOptimization Digital BSS & OSS Data Driven Solutions Digital Integration BUSINESS & OPERATIONSSOLUTIONS Content Management Advertising & Video Solutions EntertainmentServices DRM, DAM MEDIA SERVICES & SOLUTION Revenue Assurance& Fraud Management HR, FinancialManagement Asset & KnowledgeManagement Digital Payment Solutions PARTNER & ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT
Design IT strategy and architecture based on organization’s vision, strategy and business capabilities. IT application architecture able to support strategic business decision based on advanced data analysis and to enable long-term data governance services. Support clients in achieving organizational agility and in maximizing effectiveness of digital technologies' deployment and adoption. E2E digital transformation program implementation. Create and implement the services collaborating with clients to anticipate trends, discover new usage scenarios and define a robust customer experience. Provide customers with powerful, simple and comprehensive selfcare capabilities available on any digital channel. Improve customer retention and experience, driving new revenue streams, providing loyalty solutions, sale, post-sale and service assurance solutions. Create a valuable and long-term relationship with clients through the digital channels. Enable and monitor data acquisition and analysis concerning user needs, customer presence on social networks, user and sector leaders' opinions. Customer experience design and implementation along all the customer touch-points enabling a consistent and seamless customer journey. Design and implement Business and Operational Support Systems enabling integrated and comprehensive business capabilities, leveraging digital technologies. Support both real-time operational functions and standard data management functions (e.g. DWH, BI, Big Data, Analytics, etc). Design and implement solutions based on the new digital technologies such as API "centric" management, micro services, service containerization and iPaaS. Manage multimedia content, including content creation, ingestion, adaptation and delivery across digital channels. Manage and deliver digital advertising and video content across any digital channel. Deliver consumer entertainment services such as cloud gaming, Video on demand, digital music, digital book, digital Valued Services. Manage copyright protection for digital media and digital media assets lifecycle. Support risk management related to revenue leakages and fraud management. Optimize information and process management related to Human Resource Management and Finance. Ensure that a company's tangible, intangible and intellectual assets are created, captured, maintained and put to their highest value enhancing their access and use. Support digital transactions of services and contents through mobile devices by using digital wallet. Support application development and maintenance activities, guaranteeing IT assets and core/not-core processes alignment to business needs. Design, develop and integrate new IT processes and systems. Guarantee up and running applications through support aiming at managing application fault detection and resolution. Support network design and development activities. Support day-to-day network operation, guaranteeing quality of service through fault detection and resolution. Support the monitoring of network performances, guaranteeing its continuous running. Enable broadcaster secure transmission of TV channels and contents through highly reliable and advanced technological playout infrastructure. Provide end-users technical support and caring services and tools for first and second level troubleshooting. E2E Managed services of customer’s IT hybrid infrastructure: public, private cloud and on premise data center.

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Digital Media & Communication

Thanks to our knowledge on digital technologies, we create new business models and we improve core processes.

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The New Normal

Building together a post Covid-19 world.

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Evolving, enabling, extending your business through the Cloud.

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Digital Transformation

Engineering Digital Transformation Transforming the present to enable the future.

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Robotic Process Automation

Process automation to enhance the human component of work 4.0.

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Discover our vision on Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality, promising technologies which unleash the potential of your business.

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Engineering Blockchain solutions enable the Digital Transformation of public and private organizations.

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Digital Experience: Culture & Tourism

We redesign the way to manage, live and think about art, the promotion of local territories and all that relates to the two engines of Italian economy: culture and tourism.

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Cybersecurity protects and enables your organization as it embraces Digital Transformation.

Case Study

the network for digital Italy

Our expertise in support of the Italian television network: a data-driven architecture and specialized skills for the management of digital media.

Case Study

Digital transformation for a leading telecom company

With the help of a completely new IT infrastructure, our client has improved customer experience and asserted itself as a market leader.

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Engineering Innovation

Engineering Innovation Delivering the power of Innovation triggered by ideas.

Case Study

Mobile Payments for Mobile Network Operators

M-Payment: the Engineering platform for digital micropayments adopted by some of the leading European mobile network operators.

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5G: The network of the future

5G: the network that will enable numerous innovations, but the complexity of which requires advanced and avant-garde management methods for the underlying cognitive network.

Case Study

Chatbot, AI and Gamification for the MAXXI Museum in Rome

Our chatbot combines Artificial Intelligence and Gamification to guide visitors across museum’s artworks and events Museum.

Case Study

Playing On the Cloud

Expanding the portfolio of entertainment contents and digital services for one of the largest telecommunication companies worldwide

Case Study

An innovative user experience

New technological architectures to innovate the user experience of a world leader in the telecommunications sector.

Case Study

Digital Transformation Goes Live

Using SAP, we renewed the internal systems and processes of a well-known company operating in the large telecommunication networks area, improving its performance.

Case Study

Open Fiber: Digital Management of the Network

Innovative use of Geocall in the assignment of field service operations performed by external companies.

Case Study

Cloud-platform VAS services

An innovative solution for the in-cloud management of all value-added service (VAS) providers connected to the operator by subscription.

Research Project

Fandango: Fighting fake news with AI and big data analysis

Fandango Research project uses AI, Big Data and Intelligent Analytics to fight and to contrast the diffusion of disinformation.

Discover the Ecosystem of Platforms and Solutions for Digital Transformation chosen by our Customers


Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality

Revolutionizing business processes through AR - MR - VR.


Business Analytics

Open Source suite for modern business analytics initiatives from data visualization to deep analysis.


Field Service Management​

Holistic management of field services.