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Financial Modelling

Quantitative finance and mathematical models applied to understand and manage uncertainty in financial markets, create data-driven investment strategies, and optimize risk management.



Quantitative methodologies, already present in some financial fields for several decades, are undergoing a sharp acceleration towards the advanced use of modern mathematics and its dissemination across a broader spectrum of issues.

This applies to multiple areas, such as the approximation and profiling of structured financial instruments through indices. The modeling of exotic instruments like certificates seeks innovative computational solutions capable of solving complex problems previously addressed using qualitative methodologies.

Engineering supports the modeling of complex problems in the financial domain, often generating scientific documents (Scientific Papers) and thematic webinars, leveraging professionals with degrees in Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics.

What We Do

Engineering produces in-depth studies in the field of mathematical/financial modeling and subsequent design insights with reference clients, publishing the results in Scientific Papers addressing complex issues in terms of mathematization and modeling.

These often accompany a series of thematic Webinars that can foster greater understanding and dissemination of the chosen approach within the national and international community.


Introducing and extending advanced mathematical modeling in Financial Modeling brings several benefits to the client, including:
  • Access to quantitative metrics (complementary to qualitative ones) for managing financial engineering issues.
  • Encouraging a progressive standardization of results, making them comparable.
  • Enabling the resolution of complex problems previously approached with a more qualitative method.
  • Facilitating subsequent automation of processes, as the definition of calculation algorithms precedes and prepares for automatic replication of operations.

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