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The National Recovery and Resilience Plan is a great opportunity to accelerate and build Italy's future, together.

Engineering's vision on PNRR

NRRP funds, project execution is key

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) represents a fundamental development opportunity for Italy to bring about changes that will benefit society as a whole, redefining the contours of the country’s economic, social, and cultural fabric. Italy will primarily benefit from the European resources, but getting these funds to where they are most needed is perhaps the greatest challenge that all countries are currently facing.

The execution of the projects is central to the success of the NRRP and depends on a number of key factors: skills, simplification, and synergies between the stakeholders involved.

Technology represents the great enabling factor of this transformation, as demonstrated by the phase of strong digital acceleration brought about by the pandemic: the digital revolution today requires us to rethink our world not only in terms of efficiency but also sustainability.
PNRR, the future of Italy

Engineering & NRRP, one mission

Engineering has always sought to improve the world in which we live and work through the use of cutting-edge technologies. The NRRP accelerates and supports what has always been our mission: to be the main partner for the transformation of the country, from companies to institutions.

Our vision was designed on the need to build new digital ecosystems and create modular solutions with existing and emerging assets and technologies, designing them around key business needs as quickly as possible. We enable companies and institutions to go beyond their own boundaries, to seek new connections and collaborations, beyond the silos of vertical markets.

It is precisely because of our proven experience in business transformation that we can position ourselves as a strategic partner to help companies and public administrations to fully benefit from the NRRP.

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