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CONSIP: Framework Agreement 'Cloud IaaS and PaaS Lot 10 - Technology Services

Framework Agreement for the provision of technical professional services to migrate IT services from an on-site system to a cloud delivery model - Lot 10 - Technological Services.

Approach & Solution



Engineering leads the group of companies that won one of the tenders for the ‘Cloud transformation of the PA’. The framework agreement offers technical and professional services aimed at migrating PA IT services from an on-site delivery model to a cloud delivery model.

The group, led by the Engineering Group, represents the ideal entity to support the PA. In fact, it offers a perfect blend of strategic skills and in-depth knowledge of consolidated IT platforms and modern and innovative cloud solutions (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS), and of management and governance skills capable of providing the PA with highly specialised tools and technical personnel.


We propose a robust, proven and effective methodological framework developed over the years for the execution of programmes for the transformation and migration of infrastructures (both private and public) in the cloud, known as Enriched Journey to Cloud (EJ2C).

Our value proposition is based on the following pillars:

  • portfolio of services: using our EJ2C methodology that covers all aspects of governance, organisation, processes and skills related to the cloud paradigm
  • capabilities: both in terms of available resources and technological and functional skills
  • experience: both in the PA and private sector, on projects with different degrees of complexity and in heterogeneous areas
  • competence centres: we provide several competence centres that enable us to offer innovation and simultaneously balance it with business continuity and security.


The strengths of our solution are:

  • Independence: the proposed methodology adapts and is applicable to any SaaS, PaaS and IaaS service (including those published in AgID’s marketplace), is agnostic with respect to cloud service provider, and has already successfully been applied within the following cloud service providers: AWS, Azure, Google cloud, Oracle cloud, Alibaba cloud, Eng cloud
  • Comprehensiveness and completeness: the proposed framework has a complete and comprehensive coverage both in terms of processing steps and in terms of technologies covered
  • Flexibility: the framework adapts easily to any size or type of project.

The framework agreement aims to support PAs in achieving all the expected results from each phase of their IT system’s Cloud migration:

  • PHASE M1 - SOLUTION DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE - Service that supports the Administration in defining the mapping of workloads on cloud technologies by identifying the best way to migrate applications, application areas or an entire information system
  • PHASE M2 - IMPLEMENTATION AND MIGRATION - Service dedicated to the implementation of the environments necessary to host the workloads and the activity of transferring data from on-site environments
  • PHASE M3 - SECURITY - Service that ensures the adoption of the most appropriate security policies for the implemented cloud environments
  • PHASE M4 - SERVICE MANAGEMENT - Service that guarantees the correct monitoring of resources and capacity planning procedures
  • PHASE M5 - SUPPORT and TRAINING - Service that supports the administration in the management of incidents that may occur during the operation of workloads on cloud environments. A training service will also be offered to the administrations with a technical focus that allows the transfer of know-how and training.

How to join

Local public administrations in central Italy can join the framework agreement: Umbria, Abruzzo, Lazio, Sardinia, Marche.

The adhesion process for qualifying and sizing the needs of an administration and arriving at the stipulation of the executive contract entails several steps.