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TRUE Connector, the Data Spaces enabling connector developed by Engineering, receives IDS Certification

TRUE Connector, the Data Spaces enabling connector developed by Engineering, receives IDS Certification

True Connector is the first italian connector achieving the prestigious certification by the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA).

Rome, June 07 2024


TRUE Connector, Engineering's open source IDS connector aimed at enabling digital ecosystems implementing Data Spaces based on the IDS standard, received certification from the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) on 18 April 2024, achieving the ‘Trust Level 1, Assurance Level 2’ level of the ‘IDS Certification for connectors’. The evaluation was conducted by the independent laboratory SQS-Software Quality Systems, which, as IDSA Evaluation Facility, guarantees high standards of cybersecurity, functionality and security. 

As a result of the certification, TRUE Connector is recognised as a key component in enabling self-determined data sharing and digitisation of circular and sustainable value chains, while ensuring compliance with European regulations such as GDPR

‘The certification process included a review of documentation and hands-on testing of the connector to ensure proper implementation of functional and security requirements,’ says Sonia Jimenez, Director Data Space Technology at IDSA. ‘The certificate not only validates the technical excellence of Engineering's TRUE Connector, but also indicates that it is ready for widespread adoption within the global data sharing community.’ 

IDS certification comes at the end of a journey that began two years ago, when Engineering started developing TRUE Connector. The connector was designed to enable an open-source implementation that would facilitate companies’ entering digital ecosystems based on Data Space. It also ensures control over data usage and GDPR compliance regarding personal data. In line with the European Commission's strategy to promote the development of European industry, Engineering has focused on key concepts such as building trust among stakeholders, accessibility and interoperability. 

Angelo Marguglio, Head of the ‘Data Platforms and Ecosystem’ R&I Unit of Engineering and IDSA Ambassador, added: ‘Being part of IDSA led us to be among the pioneers in the development of a certified connector, becoming the first Italian company capable of supporting our customers who choose to leverage the benefits of data space technology in their Digital Transformation journey. The certification we have obtained not only attests our compliance with rigorous standards of security, reliability and process conformity associated with data sharing, but also provides guarantees on the availability, confidentiality and integrity of information flows.’

The connector is also recognised for its versatility; in fact, it has already been used not only in the manufacturing sector, but also in the energy, smart buildings, and agrifood sectors. Currently, it is adopted in several research projects in which Engineering is involved, including DIVINE and CiTrace in the agrifood sector, TwinEU in the energy sector, and Circular TwAIn in the manufacturing sector.




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