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Emotional Banking

We support banks in building a new connection with the client, based on shared values and emotional experiences.


A new approach: from “client” to “person”

Banks are facing a complex challenge, requiring a fundamental overhaul of the rules and dynamics that have traditionally governed competition within the sector. 󠄀

Customisation is key to establishing new relationships with clients, who should not be regarded merely as generators of profit, but as individuals with their own identity and values.

The fundamental goal of this approach is not simply to provide financial products and services, but to respond authentically to the client's priorities. From this springs the concept of Emotional Banking.

Our Instant Paper details the steps a bank must undertake to transform into an authentic brand a community devoted to supporting and sharing an idea and a unique vision of the world and society. 󠄀

An innovative banking model focused on the individual's needs, preferences and sensibilities

We at Engineering know how to extract new value from data. We employ advanced analytic tools to harness its full potential and channel it towards a better understanding of a person's unique needs.

This allows us to support industry players in defining new factors to promote customer relations, and aid intermediaries in tackling the challenges embodied by the paradigm of "ethical banking".

With our assistance, banks can develop a deeper involvement with the client and become a valued part of their life, thus fostering a long-lasting relationship capable of satisfying the client's financial and ethical needs.

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