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OT Security

Designing and implementing technological and process solutions to reach industrial plants and operational infrastructures' Cyber resilience, by protecting their operativity and integrity.


Digital Transformation and security risks

The industrial world is facing a time of rapid and radical changes. The production process has evolved thanks to new operational technologies, with interconnected systems, data analytics, SCADA, ICS (industrial control systems), IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) and intelligent sensors. The quantity and the quality of data generated by the new technologies means greater efficiency, but at the same time expose the infrastructure to greater security risks.

Hacker attacks directed at infrastructure systems can result in exponential economic damage for companies, creating malfunctions and interruptions to services and production lines, and compromising intellectual property. On a large scale they can cause losses of sensitive personal data or even endanger the health of individuals and the security of the environment.

Our approach to Cyber resilience

The ultimate objective of cybersecurity for operational and critical infrastructures is to obtain operational cyber resilience by mitigating the cyber risk through technological and process-based solutions that operate on multiple levels and can provide:

  • Visibility and protection of devices and networks
  • Threat and anomaly detection
  • The capacity to respond to and effectively resolve cyber incidents

Our approach to OT Security is therefore aimed at designing and implementing technological and process solutions. Thanks to our multidimensional approach we identify, protect, detect and respond to cyber threats, as well as providing managed services to support our stakeholders to assess the risk and plan interventions to improve their safety posture.

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