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ICCREA brings Regulatory Reporting on the Cloud

We have implemented the Regulatory Platform GRACE in collaboration with Oracle to provide a large banking group with a new Cloud-SaaS service covering its entire regulatory process.

Approach & Solution



The BCC Iccrea Group is the largest cooperative banking group, the only national banking group with entirely Italian capital. The fundamental requirement was to obtain a SaaS solution on the Cloud.

Thanks to the strong expertise of our Advisory structure in regulatory areas and the consolidated market positioning of our solutions, we were able to design and implement a regulatory platform deliverable in SaaS-Cloud mode.

The project involved replacing the entire chain of production for supervisory reporting, with the aim of ensuring fast closing, data lineage, data governance, and complete technological revision of the entire production chain.


To develop the project, we adopted the best practices of the Design Thinking methodology.

The adoption of GRACE allows the client to ensure efficient management of compliance requirements arising from current and future regulations.

The flexibility and modularity of the Cloud services provided by Oracle enable us to develop an innovative value proposition to fully meet the client's needs.


Reduction of the E2E process

Simplification of reconciliations and accounting balancing

Increased frequency and historical depth

Adaptability of phases to the banking process

Fast Closing

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