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A new, digital and omnichannel CRM

We created a CRM on Salesforce technology to redefine and optimize the sale and after-sale processes.

Approach & Solution

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Our partner, Italian leader in the Utilities sector, needed to start a digital transformation journey on their CRM, due to the fact that it had functional and technical limitations concerning data visibility and the operational structure.

Moreover, an omnichannel vision of the customer was lacking, and this further expanded the weaknesses in data management.


The goal was to update the sale and after-sale processes, redesigning them from a digital and omni-channel perspective, migrating the old CRM solutions to the new Salesforce Cloud platform. In detail, with the Service Cloud solution we managed to centralize customers’ data and information in one system, making them immediately available in a omni-channel scenario.

The complex management of more than 100 processes is supported by ProcessClick, our proprietary framework developed on Salesforce technology, which, in point & click mode, allows to configure and guide the entire life cycle of every business process.


Centralized visualization of all customers’ data

Digital and omnichannel Consumer Experience

Cost-to-serve and cost-to-acquire reduction

Improved Time-to-market

Anti-abandonment analysis and forecast

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

Enabling Technologies


Engineering proprietary products & other technologies


Project Team

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