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hackher_ in Genoa

hackher_ in Genoa

Engineering is a partner in the Genoa edition of hackher_.

Genoa, May 18 2023

hackher_ is an event dedicated to promoting gender equality in the tech world, and Engineering is a partner in the Genoa edition. The initiative, sponsored by the European Parliament, the City of Genoa, Rai for Sustainability and the University of Genoa, will take place at the city's Aquarium and will be attended by 100 girls from high schools.

Engineering is participating in the event as part of its internal and external gender equality initiatives, aimed at ensuring equal opportunities for women in employment at all levels and fostering their professional and managerial growth. This precise commitment sees Bridge The Gaps as an important reference partner, committed to technology training, inclusion and closing the digital gap with more than a hundred projects to its credit in various fields, including: electronics, robotics, computer science, digital graphics, making and coding.

The first event of the day will be the hackathon, during which the girls will be divided into 10 teams and, with the supervision of expert coaches, will try their hand at devising and testing a project according to the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) model. The jury, composed of 5 top women managers in companies of national significance, will award the winning team a prize of €1,500.

Next, a panel of 8 women role models will bring their personal and professional stories as motivating examples for all the girls in attendance. Among the participants will be Ileana Pavia, a musician and brilliant student who right in Genoa began her STEM studies and then held corporate roles of increasing responsibility until she is currently Head of Cloud Services in DHub for Engineering.

Engineering supports hackher_'s goal of eliminating the professional gender gap in the high-tech sector and bringing women closer to STEM subjects, promoting female participation in the most innovative and technological sectors.

Learn more about it: hackher_


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