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Engineering presents its success stories in AI.

Pisa, May 29 - 31 2023

Ital-IA is the third CINI National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, organized to develop common goals among public institutions, Italian industry and scientific research from national universities and research centers.

The conference is organized by the National Laboratory on "Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems" (AIIS), created by the National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics (CINI) and the National Research Council (CNR), with the aim of laying the foundations of a "national network" to capture the development potential related to Artificial Intelligence technologies.

On May 31, Francesco Saverio Nucci, Application Research Direrctor at Engineering, will speak in the plenary session "AI uptake in Italy: numbers from the AI observatory and success stories", in which he will tell about examples of successful Enginnering cases on AI.

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