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Competence Center

GIS: Geographic Information System

Cutting-edge GIS solutions to optimize activities on the field.

GIS is a complex set of human and intellectual components, hardware and software, to acquire, store, evaluate, analyse and view geo-referenced data both in graphic and alphanumeric mode.

Combining twenty years of experience in geographic solutions with the potential offered by market-leading or open source products, Engineering offers flexible, integrated, performing and usable solutions even on the move.
Engineering Gis competence center
  • Twenty years of experience in GIS systems, mainly in the Utilities industry
  • Expertise in proprietary (Esri and Smallworld) and open source systems (OpenLayers)
  • Realization of vertical GIS systems for the major market players
  • AMS management and systems evolution in production
  • Extensive experience in the development of ad hoc algorithms for the analysis of geographic data
  • Pool of specialists operating exclusively in GIS
engineering gis competence center
  • Transport and infomobility
  • Climate and renewable energies
  • Resource management and Earth Sciences
  • Integrated asset management
  • Health and social services
  • Territorial marketing and tourism
  • Business intelligence and DSS
  • Engineering Geographic Information System
    We transform users into active content creators, allowing:
    • Network mapping and security
    • Simulation and emergency management
    • Asset and Property Management
    • Monitoring of the territory and environmental impact
    • Management and processing of cadastral data
    • Interoperability and metadata standards
    • Geoportals
    • Data models & management of complex geodatabases
    • Integration with Field Service Management solutions (backend and Mobile)
    • GIS visualization in Augmented Reality
    • Integrations of enterprise / mobile systems
    • Monitoring of infrastructure assets through IoT sensors
    • 3D and BIM reconstructions

    Improvement of operational activities

    Advanced reporting for
    data analysis

    Evidence, perception and measurability of
    phenomena and events

    Real-time management of events

    Web and Mobile Solutions