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Exploring new methods and technologies to design, build and deliver tomorrow's solutions.

We invest in R&I to support the continuous improvement of the whole organisation in increasing its competitive capacity and fulfilling the needs of a fluid, rapidly changing market. We are among the most active research companies in EU, attracting funds from national & EU research programs.
We have created a link between the world of research and the markets through a network of 250+ “Innovators”, constantly engaged in the application and study of the technologies of the future and in innovation activities together with our partners. Their activity becomes a crucial link to ensure that research can lead to an integrated proposition of traditional and innovative technologies.

Dario Avallone

Just how important is Research these days, when exploring new technological frontiers is no longer an option but a necessary and unavoidable way forward? What is Engineering's approach and what are our objectives? How can Research help companies and organizations create new digital ecosystems?

Our R&D Director tells us how research activities are digital change laboratories, which allow us to be competitive in constantly evolving scenarios.


We collaborate with the most important scientific and first-level industrial players.
We maintain a leadership position in the software research sector by coordinating several national and international projects .
We have a strategic role within the international Research community by partnering with national and international networks that bring together the best industrial, scientific and university partners, throughout Europe.


We explore emerging technologies to develop innovative competences and assets and constantly build frontier solutions. We identify and analyze the emerging technologies that will have a real market positioning in the future, understanding appropriate time to market strategies and integrating them within holistic technological ecosystems and digital platforms.


We explore market trends to be always ready to welcome and face new challenges.
We govern emerging and relevant fields, in particular in the following business areas: Digital Industry, E-Health, Smart Energy & Utilities, Smart Government, Augmented City (focusing on Public Services & Smart Cities, Secure Societies, Smart Tourism & Culture, Smart Communities), Smart Agriculture, Smart Transportation, Digital Media & Communication.

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