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Benetton Group chooses Engineering and Cegid for the digital transformation of its stores, in order to improve the activities of store assistants and create an increasingly omnichannel and engaging shopping experience for customers.


Digitalising 1,200 shops to optimise the shopping experience.


A new omnichannel POS system, integrated with the loyalty system.


Ensuring the operability of shop staff and enhancing the shopping experience for consumers.


An omnichannel shopping experience

"Benetton is one of the most famous Italian fashion companies in the world. We have a commercial network of over 4,000 stores located all over the world, in which we showcase our founding values: knitwear, quality, colour and a respect for diversity", explains Marco Moschini, Information Technology Director of Benetton Group.
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"In the highly competitive global context in which Benetton operates", continues Marco Moschini, Information Technology Director of Benetton Group, "we needed to digitalize the group's stores, ensuring greater empowerment of the sales staff and an omni-channel shopping experience that is seamless, smooth and secure for our customers. We also needed to achieve all of this as quickly as possible."

The project was launched by comparing different technologies with Proof of Concepts in different stores, arriving at the choice of the POS Cegid Y2 solution as the most complete and suitable, and of Engineering, being able to ensure solidity and global delivery and having proposed Cegid from the outset.

An omnichannel POS to enhance the shopping experience

After completing a first pilot phase with 4 stores in 2019, increased at 29 stores in 2020, the roll-out today involved over 1,200 stores in Europe, with an average of 20 stores per week (and peaks of over 30), in Italy, Germany, Cyprus, Spain and France.

The project, which will involve over 1,500 stores worldwide, allows to unify the customer experience across different stores and channels, as well as to ensure the highest level of compliance with all the regulatory and tax systems of the countries involved, from ISO 27001 certification to GDPR compliance.
We at Engineering, as privileged partner of Cegid, one of the world leaders for the digital and omnichannel transformation of retail companies specializing in fashion & luxury, supported Benetton Group in all project phases in adopting the POS Cegid Y2 solution. From the definition of the adoption model for each single country, to the rollout and configuration of the store cash systems, delivering also support activities for the store staff to guide the change in the most effective way.

Today Benetton Group can benefit from the immediate advantages deriving from a greater control, monitoring and security on the information related to the consumer's 'history', a simplified integration of the retail ERP with other pre-existing company systems, a better UX for store assistants, and, in general, a better experience for consumers throughout their shopping journey.
Marco Moschini
Our strategic partnership with Engineering enables us to be very reactive in managing the needs of the sales network both direct and in affiliation worldwide, from new openings to the service desk through the technical training of store staff.
Marco Moschini
Information Technology Director of Benetton Group


New omnichannel credit card machine system

1,200 digitalized stores

Increased efficiency of shop staff

Increased uptime of store staff

Project value


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