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Big data for cybersecurity

With our data analytical platform we find specific cybersecurity events by highlighting the correlations between cyber attacks and social networks.

Approach & Solution

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Cyberthreats represent a constant danger for the security of nations, organizations, for every single person.

The need of our Client was to improve its capability of identifying and targeting specific Cybersecurity events. In order to do so, we developed a data analytical platform in order to find, value and target specific cybersecurity events by highlighting correlations between cyber attacks and social networks specific events.


Our solution analyzes an important selection of sources of Threat Intelligence, Deep and Dark web, web documents.

By ingesting data within a data lake, it processes structured and unstructured textual information, generating a Knowledge Base (KB) consisting of a multigraph. In it, millions of nodes represent words, concepts, while multiple types of links connect them by weighing their degree of association as captured by data through text mining algorithms. Other algorithms allow the production of graphs that select the relevant subsets of links with respect to several optimal criteria.

Eventually, advanced visualization tools reduce the complexity and vastness of the graphs generated by the previous modules, allowing navigation.


Identifying correlations between data from different sources

New threat intelligence sources integration with DBPedia and other documents

Enabling Advanced Graph Analysis and Semantic and statistical text Analysis

Implementation of Deep Learning techniques

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AI & Advanced Analytics

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