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CitySCAPE: Cyber Security applied to multimodal transport

CitySCAPE will explore all different cybersecurity dimensions realizing an interoperable toolkit capable of integrating into any multimodal transport system.

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Digitisation has led to the transport sector becoming more and more interconnected. Most of the time, transport services are centralised. However, this centralised architecture increases the vulnerability to cyber attacks. To tackle this issue, the EU-funded CitySCAPE project will realize a modular software toolkit able to be seamlessly integrated into any multimodal transport systems to:

  • detect suspicious traffic-data values and identify persistent threats
  • evaluate the impact of an attack in technical and notably in financial terms
  • combine external knowledge and internally-observed activities to enhance the predictability of zero-day attacks
  • instantiate a networked overlay to circulate informative notifications to CERT authorities and support their interplay.


The solution will be tested over a timely set of use-cases involving ticketing applications, cyber-fraud and location data in the regional transport system in in Tallinn (Estonia) and Genoa (Italy), where extensive experiments will showcase its effectiveness. The findings will steer training sessions of expert/non-expert audience and shape a strong standardization contribution to security (labelling) protocols.

CitySCAPE project will improve cybersecurity within multimodal transport. The project will produce a modular software toolkit, whose purpose is threfold. First, it will detect suspicious traffic and data flows. Second, it will evaluate the technical and financial impact of a cyber attack. Third, it will enhance the predictability of zero-day attacks. Last but not least, it will train relevant authorities and improve the circulation of information among them.

The project has received co-funding from H2020-SU-DS-2019 the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - Contract No. 883321.


Improvement of cybersecurity within multimodal transport

A modular sw toolkit to detect suspicious traffic and data flows

Improved predictability of zero-day attacks

Support of data circulation among Authorities

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