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Our solution optimizes the assignment and monitoring of the activities carried out by contractors of a leading player of the Italian energy sector.

Approach & Solution



Among the largest Italian companies in the electricity distribution and metering sector, our Client had to completely rethink working processes, optimizing timing and efficiency.

To meet the challenge, it was essential to plan the implementation of IT systems following a strategy to optimize processes through digitalization, safeguarding their integrity and allowing for integration with the central ERP.
Innovation also had to ensure the necessary agility to face possible future developments.


Through Digital2Evolve, our strategic approach developed by Engineering Enterprise Solutions, in the first phase of the project we standardized “core” business processes.
At the same time, through the potential offered by the SAP Cloud Platform, we have implemented a new portal that allows an advanced and personalized management of the contractors that carry out work on the electricity grids.

In addition to allowing a complete user experience, the new portal has facilitated the monitoring of the different types of working activities carried out by contractors, increasing the control and management of security and the ability to connect and collaborate.
This transformation has facilitated further evolutions such as the automatic acquisition of the executive project, safety management, or the transfer of documents for the assignment and execution of the working activities.


Implementation of the "Intelligent Enterprise" paradigm

Optimized downtime for maintenance

Digitalization and monitoring of warning phases

Increased quality of the electricity service offered

Monitoring of materials laid and activities in the field

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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