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Digital transformation in Etra's water and environmental management

The Veneto-based multi-utility launches the Etra4Future program by adopting Engineering's new Net@2A Suite for water and environmental hygiene management.

Approach & Solution



In the Veneto region, Etra represents the largest utility in the Viveracqua grouping by number of users served (276,000 water users and 281,000 Environmental Hygiene).

Its widespread distribution throughout the territory represents a major push toward the adoption of new technologies and integrated smart solutions.

As part of the company's renewal program called Etra4Future, the need was identified to make use of a platform that would enable process management that complies with the sector regulations of the national authority ARERA and is adaptable to future evolutions planned by the Authority. Etra therefore decided to turn to Engineering.


Engineering responded to Etra's digital transformation needs with the new Net@2A application, which represented the natural evolution of the solutions currently used by the company.

Thus, a solid multi-year partnership consistent with the evolution path undertaken toward resilient and secure Cloud solutions was confirmed, with the fundamental guarantee of regulatory compliance, a key element in the world of environmental hygiene as it has already been in the water sector.

The project includes the solution for water and environmental hygiene (Net@2A) integrated with both the Accounting and Logistics system (Net@Sial 3.0) and additional systems.


Standards-compliant process management

Water and environmental process efficiency

Improved management of operational departments (CRM)

Governance of the active billing cycle and credit management

Project value

Process performance

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