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Monitoring market risks for bank treasury

We provide modular and scalable solutions that enable bank treasuries in monitoring market and liquidity risks.

Approach & Solution



The Treasury plays a fundamental role for large Italian financial institutions with an international vocation. In fact, it enables the governance and optimization of liquidity and associated risks.

For years, we have been supporting Italian and foreign treasuries of large financial institutions in the management of liquidity and associated risks. We do this through modular and scalable solutions for autonomous and effective monitoring of risk measures.


Thanks to our quantitative expertise and in-depth knowledge of bank treasury processes, we provide specialist support for the creation of modular and scalable solutions that centralise monitoring and control activities with the aim of:

  • develop risk measures on a daily basis
  • calculate and monitor liquidity needs on a daily basis and determine the final funding rate to be applied
  • perform performance analysis and produce reports for management.


Mitigation of operational risks

Centralization of controls and related information flows

Effective monitoring of financial risk measures

Flexibility, integrability and scalability of the solution

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