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Smart Energy & Utilities




Cloud plays a crucial role in facilitating digital payments and supporting the ecological and digital transition within the utility and energy sectors, while also driving continuous innovation in customer experiences.


Increasingly improving customer experience in the purchasing phase


Developing an all-in-one platform in a short timeframe and connected to major market suppliers


Reduce payment times by optimising business flows


The Challenge of Energy Transition

The energy transition primarily represents a technological challenge and a conscious decision.
The transformation of payment services in this sector is giving rise to new consumer needs, driven by a growing concern for sustainability.
Plenitude, the Benefit Company of Eni Group, strives to create a lasting positive impact on people, communities, and the environment through its distinctive market model. To enhance and streamline the customer experience, Plenitude sought to swiftly implement new payment tools and platforms.

At Engineering, we adopted a strategic and agile approach to the project, which involved conducting incremental testing, closely monitoring the results, and deliberately scaling the solution across our Client's customer base.

During the development of the payment solution, our primary focus was on ensuring easy integration and leveraging the functionalities provided by PagoPA.

VIDEO: The history of Neta

Start from an idea, grow on the national territory, and reach the international market: this is the story of Neta Open Suite, our modular solution, a market leader in the Customer Information System for Meter2Cash management and key business processes for the Energy & Utilities sector (and beyond).

Discover how Neta Open Suite was born and grew to become a reference point for utilities in Italy.

Watch the first episode "The history of Neta".

VIDEO: The future of Neta

Co-design with our clients is a fundamental part of the evolution and transformation strategy of Neta Open Suite, our already market-leading solution in the Smart Energy & Utilities sector.

Discover how Plenitude is supporting us in building the Neta Open Suite of tomorrow.

Watch the second episode "The future of Neta".
The group consists of 4 entities – Recycling manages the entire valorization process of separate waste collection, Paper Mill handles the recycling of waste paper and cardboard, Paper Packaging produces sheets and corrugated cardboard boxes with recycled paper, Plastic Packaging recycles plastic materials transforming them into bags usable in the food, commerce, industry, and agriculture sectors.

"In this context - continues Simona Malaspina, CEO of ReLife Plastic Packaging - the keyword is traceability: this enables the development of the circular economy and certifications related to the sector, thereby facilitating its transformation."

The goal was to make ReLife more flexible and integrated.

A modular and programmatic adoption of digital payments

Our comprehensive solution entails the utilization of our all-in-one platform, Net@Pay, along with cloud services (SaaS) provided through Engpay.
The modular and scalable architecture of Net@Suite enabled the payment solution to be developed and connected to key market providers in a short period of time.
Our platform significantly enhances the end customer's payment experience by offering maximum flexibility in choosing their preferred payment method. It also ensures updated information in real-time, with round-the-clock availability.
Example of recycling and reuse of materials with a ZERO WASTE goal

ReLife Solution 2

Thanks to our advanced expertise in SAP S/4Hana, we have enabled a more intensive collaboration of resources in entering information and improved data quality.

"In this way - concludes Irakli Bano, CIO of ReLife Group - the solution reduces the risk of information duplication and provides real-time access to all users."
Marco Villa
We relied on Engineering to exploit the full potential of the PagoPA platform for the Utility world.
Engineering proved to be reliable right away, guaranteeing project deadlines and a high quality of delivery.
Marco Villa
Head of Customer Operations, Plenitude


Facilitates the user experience

Reduces payment times

Streamlines business processes

Manages information in real time

Makes the payment process secure and transparent

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