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TRUE Connector: easing data sharing in Gaia-X

An open source International Data Spaces (IDS) Connector which enables IDS ecosystems and Data Spaces ensuring data sovereignty.

Approach & Solution

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An IDS Ecosystem needs to leverage existing standards and technologies, as well as governance models, well-accepted in the data economy, to facilitate secure and standardized data exchange and data linkage in a trusted business ecosystem.

In this context, the IDS Connector is a key component for implementing the Data Sovereignty Principles and one of the technical building blocks of Gaia-X as it creates the link between the data platforms and Gaia-X itself which can, therefore, easily integrate existing systems.

As a part of the FIWARE Catalogue, the TRUE (TRUsted Engineering ) Connector is one of the key components for implementing a FIWARE-based Data Space, it will be improved in order to integrate existing FIWARE Ecosystems in a plug-and-play mode enabling the creation and support of IDS ecosystems.


The TRUE Connector is compliant with the latest IDS specifications (i.e., IDS Info Model 4) and can be easily customized to fit a widespread number of scenarios thanks to the internal separation of the Execution Core Container and the Data App.

It can be integrated with many existing IDS services (Identity Providers, Clearing House, Metadata Broker, etc.) and it is fully configurable in terms of internal/external data format (multipart/mixed, multipart/form, http-header) and protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, Web Socket over HTTPS, IDSCPv2). It includes the Usage Control Data APP to enforce the usage rules and a basic Data App that can be customized to satisfy both processing and integration needs.


Open Source and under continuous improvement

Aligned to the IDS state-of-the-art

Easily configurable and integrable

Ready to be exploited in Gaia-X

Project value

Cost cutting

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