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A Cloud Marketplace for new revenue streams

We developed a B2B/B2C marketplace that enables our client to resell several kinds of IaaS/SaaS/PaaS services to end-users and to expand its business.

Approach & Solution

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An Italian leading telecommunications company asked Engineering to streamline the business relationships with its resellers and sales, in order to better support the delivery of integrated solutions to companies and public administrations in their process of digital transformation.

In the light of the above, we guided the implementation of a multi-channel B2B XaaS marketplace based on our Cloudesire platform.


We developed a Business Marketplace for the sale of cloud services (e.g. DataCenter, Data Security services) and products (e.g. E-Commerce).

The solution is based on our Cloudesire platform and its modules, which include payments and direct invoicing capabilities to end-customers. We also integrated a parent-child module to allow the company's local point of sales and sales agents to directly place orders to end-customers.

The Business Marketplace combines a selection of the best-of-breed market services and the convenience of interacting with a single actor. The set of multicloud technologies and certified infrastructures are provided on the Marketplace thanks to a strong collaboration with partners in the area of Telecommunication and Cloud Computing services, and comply with the highest safety, efficiency and reliability standards.


20 products plans onboarded

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