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Corporate Governance

Human Rights

All Engineering Group companies in Italy adopt the Human Rights Policy, with the aim of increasing awareness and reinforcing compliance within their sphere of influence.

Human Rights Policy in the Engineering Group

Engineering, aware of its role in the community and in the communities in which it operates, considers it fundamental to ensure the respect and protection of human rights in every area of its activities and value chain, with the aim of maintaining an ethical, safe and fair working environment.

In this context, it recognises the importance of identifying, monitoring and remedying potential and current negative impacts arising from its activities, those of its subsidiaries and related business relationships.

Therefore, in confirmation of its commitment to protecting workers' rights, it disseminates the Human Rights Policy applicable to all Group companies in Italy, which represents the reference document for Eng with the aim of increasing awareness and strengthening respect for human rights within its sphere of influence.

This document is available in Italian and English and will be reviewed periodically to be adapted to any changes in the regulatory landscape.



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