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Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The companies of the Engineering Group have chosen to implement and certify a Worker Health and Safety Management System compliant with the requirements of the UNI ISO 45001: 2018 standard.


The companies of the Engineering Group, in carrying out their activities, consider human health, environmental protection and workplace safety an indispensable duty.
The Company Management undertakes, by making available human, instrumental, and economic resources, to pursue the objectives of continuous improvement of the safety and health of workers, as an integral part of its business and as a strategic commitment with respect to the more general purposes of the company.
It also intends to define, communicate and disseminate to all personnel, to people outside the companies and who have relationships with them, the objectives to be pursued in the field of accident prevention and control, for the protection of workers and the environment, in the awareness that the contribution of everyone is crucial for the achievement of the objectives and the maintenance of the Companies at the highest levels of health and safety protection.
With this in mind, they therefore issued the Safety Policy, putting in place a management system for health and safety at work, to reaffirm their commitment and that of the entire organization to:

  • comply, in content and principles, with the laws on safety and hygiene applicable to the activities, products and services of the Companies
  • provide safe and healthy working conditions for the elimination of hazards, the prevention of accidents at work and the reduction of risks
  • promote every initiative to prevent, in every activity, the occurrence of accidents, whether relevant or not, which could compromise the safety of collaborators and neighboring communities
  • provide the resources necessary to guarantee an adequate OHSMS
  • promote initiatives for the consultation and participation of workers and workers' representatives for safety, including through information, training and awareness
  • sensitize and inform all employees and collaborators of external companies on the need to comply with the safety and hygiene rules applicable to the activities carried out at the Companies of the Engineering Group
  • train collaborators to intervene in anomalous and emergency conditions so as to minimize any consequences
  • pursue a progressive improvement of the safety management of the offices of the Engineering Group companies, also through the identification of the risks associated with the activities carried out and the definition of objectives for their reduction, in accordance with the development plans
  • manage products and use procedures that guarantee the safety of workers and populations living near the company headquarters
  • promote a transparent and collaborative relationship with public, private and local communities.

The Legislative Decree and all the subjects involved as per Legislative Decree 81/2008 undertake to constantly check the management of health and safety, through internal audits on aspects relating to the safety and health of workers, in compliance with the applicable legislation and taking into account of the indications provided where they are applicable. The SGSL manual, and all related documents represent the formalization of this corporate will and the guide for the application of the management system.
Each year, on the occasion of the Management Review, this policy and the entire system are reviewed to verify its effectiveness and the need for any updates, the objectives and programs for the following year are defined and communicated to the company staff.

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