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A necessary transformation to address global challenges

Where will the new generations choose to live? Where will investors choose to establish economic activities?

Goal 11 of the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is "Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable." It is a new balance to achieve by leveraging digital tools and sharing common needs, even for smaller realities (Smart Lands). This means, among other things, limiting energy and water waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and managing waste and mobility more efficiently.

Courage and the ability to network are required to create "new" realities and new services through integrated solutions.
trillion U.S. dollar of forecast spending on IoT worldwide 2023



billion U.S. dollar of VR market size worlwide 2023



billion U.S. dollar of revenue of the global building automation market by 2023

Data source: Statista


Synergy between the public and private sectors for essential services at hand

Local public administrations often face the challenge of the economic impact that initiatives for the community may have on their budget. For this reason, Project Finance and, more generally, Public-Private Partnership represent an alternative financing method.

It is an opportunity in many respects. First of all, it helps limit the impact on public spending without assuming financial risks for the entity. Second, it reduces project implementation times, achieving greater efficiency from a management perspective.

The local administration thus has the opportunity to raise quality standards in all phases of the process, drawing on a wealth of knowledge/experience and technological solutions that it would not otherwise have, all in the spirit of maximum transparency.
Let's make it real, together!
Discover how cities are already investing in digital innovation, ensuring greater safety, improving waste management and mobility, restoring social and tax equity, ensuring energy efficiency, and enhancing cultural sites while revitalizing tourism.



Client Stories

Municipality of Bologna: digital management of mobility and access to the historical center

The Municipality of Bologna chooses Municipia, part of the Engineering Group, to monitor and manage access to the ZTL, reduce the workload of employees at service counters, and enhance the lives of citizens.

White Paper

Augmented City

We increase the city’s ability to serve its citizens, protect the environment, boost the local economy. And put people first.


Case Study

a new urban mobility

The city of Naples looks to the future and through new digital tools simplifies the management of mobility and parking.


Case Study

Smart Lighting in Sicily

Energetic optimization and reduction of CO2 emissions: Municipia projects to make public lighting smarter.


Case Study

Rimini Chatbot: Digital assistant for citizen services

With Engineering and Municipia a Digital Assistant to support citizen services offered by the Municipality of Rimini and the Riminiturismo portal.


Case Study

Our algorithm to reduce evasion and lower taxes

Significant investments in technology and the use of sophisticated algorithms and semantic techniques have made it possible to intensify controls, improve operational results and promote tax fairness.


Case Study

Metropolitan City of Milan Safety Project

We protect citizens and the territory with innovative video surveillance systems.


Case Study

Smart Land in Valmalenco

The first 4.0 valley in Italy in the Alpine area for local development from the point of view of infrastructure, economic, cultural, social and environmental attractiveness, cohesion and common identity.


Case Study

Florence: City of Art and Smart Mobility

Integrating processes and information for smart mobility: the case of Florence.


Case Study

Orvieto enters the Metaverse: the city as an immersive experience

A new point of view to discover a historic city rich in culture, art and services.


Case Study

Padova: new technologies for parking management

With 5G and LoRaWAN technologies and Engineering's INES Cloud platform, we detect the occupancy of 1,500 parking spaces and offer mobility services.


Research Project

City Enabler for Smart Cities

Open, data-driven e user-centric: our solution to evolve the way cities use Big Data.


Research Project

NEXUS2030: tools for an evidence-informed policy development

Digital twin to support the Smart Landscape helping to improve its economic development, the efficient management of resources, the reduction of the ecological footprint.

Compact Leaf Page.jpg

Research Project

COMPACT: methods to protect LPAs from cybersecurity threats

Improving cyber resilience, increasing awareness, capabilities and security while promoting the exchange of information between European municipalities.


Research Project

APPRAISE: facilitating security operators against terrorism

An integrated Threat Intelligence solution for augmented cities to prevent criminal and terrorist acts.

Tonite Leaf Page.jpg

Research Project

ToNite: social and digital innovation for urban regeneration

An innovative platform to improve safety during night-time in the Dora river Area.


Research Project

MyPaasS: Mobility as a Service

MyPasS project proposes innovative and sustainable solutions of Mobility as a Service for a new concept of urban context.

Our Platforms & Solutions


The platform designed for the complete management of urban mobility processes for smart cities.

Our Platforms & Solutions


The complete, modular, integrated and web-based suite that streamlines the end-to-end management of local institutions and their companies.

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