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Culture&Tourism: towards an immersive experience

Improve the way of managing artistic and cultural heritage, enhance local excellence, revitalizing tourism and local development.

The identity of places and the uniqueness of heritage empowered by technology and experience

Administrations and stakeholders must present themselves as "smart destinations," providing tourists with adequate infrastructure and tools. A new approach and a new strategic vision are necessary, based on the ability to share positive experiences and replicate them in multiple areas, create new circuits based on experience and perception, overcome language barriers and any sensory and motor difficulties, and go beyond the logic of "hit-and-run tourism" by attracting and retaining people.

Proper planning must be accompanied by equally appropriate territorial marketing to bring tourists not only to major cities but also to lesser-known destinations, breaking away from traditional circuits.

A process of digital transformation has finally been initiated, thanks in part to the funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP).
billion euro of Inbound tourist expenditure in Italy (2022)



million Euro of total income of state museums, monuments, archaeological areas, and museum complexes in Italy (2021)



billion euro of total contribution of travel and tourism to GDP in Italy (2021)

Data source: Statista


Digital Tourism, new technologies and special public-private partnership to enhance local excellence

Creating a network of operators, activities, services, points of interest, and citizens is fundamental to tourist reception and the management of participatory cultural heritage.

A narrative built on these premises also contributes to the enhancement of heritage and places themselves. These objectives make it possible to support the public entity by using the Special Public-Private Partnership (SPPP) formula, a form of collaboration between the public entity and private partners characterized by extremely simplified governance, operational flexibility, and wide technical discretion, aimed at maximizing the value of the asset.

SPPP acts as a multiplier for NRRP resources because private sector involvement brings in additional financial resources, involves the local community and territory, and establishes collaborations with voluntary and third-sector organizations.

Investing in innovation, therefore, becomes the fundamental requirement for reactivating local development processes at every level and geographic area, and also creating potential new jobs.
Let's make it real, together!
Discover how cities are already investing in digital innovation, making the narration of heritage and culture more democratic, coherent, immersive, sensorial, and customizable.


Instant Paper

Digital Experience: Culture & Tourism

We redesign the way to manage and experience artistic and cultural heritage, enhance territorial excellence, contribute to the revival of tourism by reactivating local development processes.

Case Study

Orvieto enters the Metaverse: the city as an immersive experience

A new point of view to discover a historic city rich in culture, art and services.

Case Study

Culture Card: a new ecosystem for user services, promotion and marketing

Creation of a new ecosystem for Culture Card management that encapsulates back office, management, and front end functionality, offers new services to users, and addresses promotion and marketing needs.

Case Study

Sporty: tourism app for Regione Lombardia

An omnichannel customer experience project to innovate and enhance the tourism offering of Regione Lombardia.

Case Study

Virtual MAXXI: the (virtually) perfect exhibition

The Museum innovates the cultural offering through Virtual Reality, by reaching (also) remotely its audience and attracting the younger generations.

Case Study

EcoMoB: Sustainable mobility around Mont Blanc

Sustainable mobility tools and applications for the Espace Mont Blanc area.

Case Study

Museo MAXXI: Visit a museum in an interactive way.

We accompany museum visitors with our chatbot combining Artificial Intelligence and Gamification.

Case Study

Regione Puglia: Digital visitor experience

Our omnichannel Digital Marketing solution that supported the "Puglia a love story" communication campaign, aimed at promoting Puglia Summer 2021 as a tourist destination.


Case Study

Rimini Chatbot: Digital assistant for citizen services

With Engineering and Municipia a Digital Assistant to support citizen services offered by the Municipality of Rimini and the Riminiturismo portal.

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Research Project

HyperCute for a digital culture

We developed a web based platform to store, distribute and aggregate multimedia content of cultural value.

HyperCute Leaf Page.jpg

Research Project

IDEHA: Innovation for Data Elaboration in Heritage Areas

A digital platform that integrates the most emerging technologies to enhance cultural sites and support their maintenance.

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ENG Outlook 2024

How can we evolve together? Discover in the interviews with our Business and tech leaders on current trends and big challenges.


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