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Eng Outlook 2024

How can we evolve together? Discover in the interviews with our Business and tech leaders on current trends and big challenges.

Trends and challenges shaping the market in 2024

What are the main challenges in 2024? How does technology help us address them ethically and responsibly?

The answers in our Trend Radar Eng Outlook 2024: an in-depth analysis of market prospects and technology trends from the voice of our experts. Scenarios and opportunities in an increasingly complex and changing geopolitical environment.

Also discover the decisive impact of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life, the crucial role of sustainability in driving the digital transition and preserving the common good, and the importance of cooperation between all players in the ecosystem.
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2024 Global Challenges Survey

Combating climate change, ensuring access to health services for all and promoting remote care and assistance, promoting digital culture: what are the global priorities at stake?

Participate in the survey we are conducting on current global challenges, potential obstacles to their resolution, and the impact of technologies to address them.

The impact of technology on the global challenges ahead

Technology offers tangible opportunities in many areas. The Digital Twin for cities, for example, enables the virtual creation of entire urban areas, facilitating detailed simulations for more informed decisions related to public services and emergency management.

In the energy and utilities sector, AI improves management, customer contact and production efficiency. In health, Telemedicine enables remote consultation and monitoring, improving access to medical services and expanding global health coverage.

In agriculture, Blockchain ensures traceability and Earth Observation provides detailed data to optimise production, monitor plant health and improve the efficiency of agricultural resources, thus enabling sustainable and innovative production.

Then, in transport, cloud-based platforms for intelligent mobility, AI and IoT sensor deployment improve travel, thereby reducing the impact on the surrounding environment.

Discover how these solutions and technologies can support you in tackling the challenges of 2024. Let yourself be guided by the our experts on current trends and future perspectives.
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Navigate through our portfolios to gain clarity on the major themes of 2024, delve into market needs, explore the interdependence of trends with technologies, and examine the most relevant use cases.


White Paper

Augmented City

We increase the city’s ability to serve its citizens, protect the environment, boost the local economy. And put people first.

White Paper

Digital Finance

We guide financial institutions towards new digital ecosystems. This to be able to innovate processes, meet the needs of persons, and create new value for the future.

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Digital Media & Communication

Thanks to our knowledge on digital technologies, we create new business models and we improve core processes.

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Engineering redesign a new healthcare, e-health and telehealth for new opportunities of cure, care and prevention.


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Smart Agriculture

We digitalize the entire agricultural supply chain, from the field to production, up to management of national and international funds.

White Paper

Smart Energy & Utilities

We evolve business models and processes along the entire energy chain, according to the paradigms of Digital Transformation.


White Paper

Smart Government

We design a more effective and sustainable government system, from core processes to the new digital citizenship.

White Paper

Smart Transportation

We ensure seamless, secure, sustainable and data-driven mobility services for people, goods, assets and infrastructures.

White Paper

AI & Advanced Analytics

Simplifying complexity to face the future by giving voice to your most precious asset: data.

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Cloud - White Paper

Evolving, enabling, extending your business through Cloud.

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Cybersecurity protects and enables your organization as it embraces Digital Transformation.