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Generative AI:
a revolutionary and global impact

Enhancing our lives, fostering economic and cultural development, and championing sustainability ethically and responsibly.

What is Generative AI? How will it change our world?

Generative AI means Generative Artificial Intelligence and is an innovation destined to become an essential component of our daily lives. It has the potential to revolutionize content creation, technological development, approaches to learning, work, and production, with tangible impacts on every aspect of life.

How we tackle challenges, develop solutions, and rethink business models now depends on our imaginative capacity. Can Generative Artificial Intelligence be a booster in this emerging scenario?

Data tells us that the global Generative AI market is growing very rapidly, approximately by 24.4% each year from 2023 to 2030 (source: Statista). So, the answer is yes, AI will be increasingly fundamental for everyone.

Discover in our new Trend Radar the market trends, use cases, and how we enable businesses to explore the opportunities offered by this transformative technology.

Excluding the cover, all the images in the Trend Radar have been created using Generative AI.

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Examples of businesses transformed by Generative AI

Examples of businesses transformed by Generative AI

Generative AI is expected to improve our Quality of Life, ensure Economic and Cultural Development, and pave the Way for Sustainability.

In the realm of public services, it promotes accessibility and inclusivity by facilitating services for citizens with disabilities, preserving culture, and aiding tourism. Furthermore, it streamlines urban mobility by harnessing real-time traffic data to predict and alleviate congestion, optimizes energy consumption, supports circular economies, and contributes to cleaner, greener cities. In healthcare, Generative AI empowers remote patient monitoring, refines diagnosis, and elevates patient care.

In education, it revolutionizes learning by personalizing experiences and preparing students for the evolving job market. It also combats the scourge of fake news, helping identify credible sources amidst vast information streams. Additionally, it offers real-time environmental monitoring, aids in precision farming, enhances crime prediction, and fortifies infrastructure security.

In the financial realm, it drives growth by analyzing market trends, optimizing investments, and bolstering financial strategies. Generative AI is also a potent tool for enhancing customer experiences, boosting brand loyalty. It enables companies to optimize processes, streamline flows, improve forecasting and decision-making capacity
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Generative AI: a revolutionary and global impact

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