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Heating Efficiency Management System

A platform to meet environmental challenges.

District heating and NRRP goals

District heating is a strategic resource for urban energy efficiency: it contributes to the overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the improvement of power generation, through the possibility of recovering excess heat and the more profitable and sustainable use of heating energy sources. District heating is closely linked to the decarbonization, and ecological transition targets promoted by the European Community and by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan: a specific investment line of Mission 2 - Ecological Transition, Component 3 - Measure 3, has been foreseen by the NRRP for the financing of projects related to the construction of new networks or the extension of existing networks, for a total volume of 200 million euro.


Reducing leakage is the first goal that imperatively needs to be pursued for the health of the ecosystems and the resilience of water systems, fundamental for economic development, collective welfare, and the preservation of the planet.


More flexibility in the use of energy sources for the heating plants: Plants can be powered by combining different energy sources depending on the location of the plants.


Improved thermoregulation according to external parameters acquired in real-time (e.g. weather forecasts) and user conducts and preferences.


Network efficiency, from the production plant to the utility “substations” (the exchange devices between the district heating network and the utility distribution circuit).

A platform for district heating

A platform for district heating

To support the management of the utility infrastructure impacted by the NRRP investment in the Heating domain, the specific technology platform dedicated to district heating integrates our Platforms and solutions (dedicated to the billing and maintenance area) with the best applications on the market while guaranteeing high-impact value solutions and advisory services, thanks to strong competences on business processes and enabling technologies.

The Platform covers all business processes end-to-end with an approach centered on Data Integration, with information from heterogeneous sources (IoT measurements coming from the substation, data on maintenance performed, user behaviours, weather forecasts) useful for building consumption curves (including forecasts) and feeding an effective Decision Support System (DSS). Our Sistema Servizio Energia (SSE) solution is one of the infrastructure's main features and allows complete coverage of the management and billing processes of thermal plants (Energy Services, EPC contracts, Thermal Power Plants, District Heating, Cogeneration, Cooling).
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Discover how our Composable Platform enables end-to-end digital heat energy management and allows us to rethink the way we produce and consume heat together.


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Heating Management

Discover Engineering's composable platform for district heating: an end-to-end approach applied to business processes and operations.

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Smart Energy & Utilities

We evolve business models and processes along the entire energy chain, according to the paradigms of Digital Transformation.

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Renewable Energy Management

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Introduction of Energy Service System for billing and heat allocation processes

Harmonization of existing billing systems with the adoption of a single system embedded in a complex application map integrated with AS400 and Enterprise BI.

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Billing Systems towards Energy Service System

Merging of existing Billig Systems into a single one embedded in a complex application map, integrated with Salesforce and SAP FI-CAx.

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Endesa: Big Data and energy

Big data analytics at the service of Endesa (ENEL Group) for more precise measurements and compliancy to new legislation.

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The Energy Data Intelligence cloud platform for Open Fiber

A Cloud-based platform for acquiring, managing, and monitoring energy consumption.

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Energy consumptions: an invoice with no surprises

Thanks to the Utility Digital Platform we are optimising the billing process of one of Italy's most important players in energy sales.

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Research Project

BeFlexible: cross-sector services and interoperable platforms for smart grid operations

Boosting energy stakeholder engagement and cooperation to increase energy flexibility.

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ENERSHARE - The energy data space for Europe

A project to facilitate the transition of the energy systems towards more smart and decentralized paradigms thanks to the secure data exchange and sharing among all the energy value chain stakeholders.

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Research Project

HYPERRIDE: hybrid provision of energy based on reliability and resiliency

Our research project to contribute to the successful roll-out of new infrastructure concepts throughout Europe through the integration of DC equipment.


Our Platforms & Solutions

SEE: Sistema Servizio Energia

Our solution for the complete coverage of thermal plant management processes (Thermal Power Plants, District Heating, Cogeneration, Cooling).

Our Platforms & Solutions

Energy Community

Enabling the management of Renewable Energy Communities and Collective Self-Consumption.

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