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Did you know?

Italy - as told the white paper "Water Value for Italy" (The European House - Ambrosetti) - is among the most water-intensive countries in Europe; an expense worsened by infrastructure that is up to half a century old. This causes us to lose as much as 50% in some areas, twice as much as the French and five times more than the Germans. We need to innovate our water systems and activate Italian expertise in infrastructure together with our capabilities in technology. Because technology helps address complex issues, thus benefiting social welfare.


More flexibility in the use of energy sources for the heating plants: Plants can be powered by combining different energy sources depending on the location of the plants.


Improving the digitization of networks and monitoring the main nodes and most sensitive points of the network means fighting water shortages. It is necessary to act promptly to solve sudden failures and to plan maintenance work effectively.


The achievement of any goal in the water sector, including a desirable waste reduction, requires the involvement of all of the ecosystem stakeholders and the activation of awareness pathways for more careful and conscious use of this precious resource.


The development of an informed knowledge of one’s own water assets and an efficient, preventative, proactive, and sustainable management of water and the activities necessary for its optimal distribution, ensures a greater service quality for end users.


Our Approach

With our Composable Platform, we help you rethink the water cycle, rehabilitate water networks, and reduce massive losses in distribution.

Our Water Management Solution permits you to acquire and digitize information on GIS platform, locate leaks, share data in real time, perform predictive analysis of water network deterioration, alert and manage field teams.
Let's make it real, together!
Water is, at the same time, a product and a common good to be protected: therefore, its preservation requires the application of management logic aimed at achieving water efficiency objectives.
Discover how frontier technologies and our digital platform help accelerate change, improving operational processes and ensuring sustainability.