Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

Digital Wealth Management


We offer technologies and skills to support the necessary evolution of consulting services with distinctive application solutions and services in the area of financial data management.

A suite of products, services and skills to support wealth and risk management specialists.

Deustechnology solutions:

  • DIGITAL PLACEMENT - E2E solutions, 100% digital and accessible from any device that enable new B2C offer channels for SGR.
  • SECURITY AND PORTFOLIO ADVANCED ANALYSIS - Application solutions for the analysis of financial instruments and the creation and management of investment portfolios that also support the analysis of the client's total assets considering the assets deposited with third parties.
  • ROBO WEALTH ADVISORY - B2B and B2B2C intelligent solutions that automate the provision of the consultancy process according to the intermediary's service model and support the Central Departments in defining commercial initiatives in "bundles of products and services" customized according to the characteristics of the target customers.
  • COMPLIANCE & RISK - Advanced financial engines that allow adherence to regulatory requirements on adequacy and product governance.


We offer the perfect combination of data, technology and algorithms to support innovative Digital Wealth Management projects:

  • "ON THE FLY" CALCULATION - To promptly respond to the investment analysis and simulation needs of the intermediary, the consultant and the customer.
  • OPEN BANKING READY - Solutions in line with the Open Banking regulatory framework, natively based on an ecosystem of APIs for building high-performance digital front-ends.
  • RESPONSIVENESS - Platforms designed in responsive mode to be accessible on the move from any device.
  • OWN DATABASE - Database with over 300,000 financial instruments managed by a specialized team that guarantees the quality and constant maintenance of financial data (prices, corporate actions, etc.).