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Ecosystem Platform

Digital Enabler

Transforming Data to Knowledge through our “Ecosystem” platform

As an “Ecosystem” platform, Digital Enabler enables new data economy business models, fostering innovation & enhancing current capabilities.

It allows you to  Harmonize, Synchronize, Integrate, Visualize, Mashup, Federate, Analyze data to power your digital transformation & provides a single point of (data) knowledge that can be used to develop new value added services as well as digitally enabling older technologies and applications.

Digital Enabler should be used wherever data needs to be enriched.


Our Digital Enabler platform can:
  • Create an Open innovation Area, to manage and develop new ideas;
  • Discover and normalize different types of data source (Open Data, Enterprise Data, IoT devices & Infrastructure and many more…) increasing your base knowledge;
  • Evaluate data quality of sources, improving overall data quality;
  • Provide real time data management / event driven information for alerting and monitoring;
  • Dynamically Model & Integrate Data
  • Visualize, analyze and render Data via its Mash up and Mock Up capabilities and Front End Dashboards, creating new digital capabilities, applications and services that power up the new «Data Economy» ecosystem.


A key feature of Digital Enabler is its usability and flexibility, and how easily and quickly one can go from Mockup to Published App, reducing time to market and improving responsiveness to business demands.

Its Fast Prototyping and integrated WYSWYG visual user interface mock-up editor allows the creation of both mobile and web environment to build a ready to publish application.

It is entirely based on Open Standards and Open API , it is FIWARE based.

White Paper

Augmented City

We augment the way our cities and citizens use time and space, improving the overall quality of life for all city actors by delivering sustainable economic and financial project & service patterns.

Case Study

ANTEL: Big Data in Uruguay

Digital Enabler enhances big data value for ANTEL, the biggest telecommunications company in Uruguay.

Case Study

La Plata City
adopts the Digital Enabler

Our Digital Enabler is exploiting the value of big data for La Plata, a big city in Argentina, to provide insights on tourism, environment and health in one of the Argentina's largest cities.

Case Study

IIoT Open Data

An innovative solution uses Big Data generated from IIoT devices, to manage plants in an integrated and efficient way.

Research Project

Digital Enabler for Smart Cities

Our solution, City Enabler, leverages new technologies to evolve the way European cities use Big Data.

Our Customers

La Plata