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Analytics and Business Intelligence


Open Source suite for modern analytics and business intelligence initiatives from data visualization to deep analysis.

Knowage offers full analytical capabilities with a special focus on data visualization and self-service capabilities over traditional and big/cloud data sources.

It provides two main modules (Enterprise Reporting and Smart Intelligence) and four plug-in (Location Intelligence, Performance Management, Custom Analytics, Smart Data) to settle a tailored solution.

Knowage fits a wide range of business models: customer projects, OEM models, on-premise and on-cloud solution delivery. Knowage is an OPEN SOURCE solution: the source code is freely accessible, allowing everyone to join the community and develop new features.

Case Study

Centro Ricerche Fiat: Big Data solution

Collect, manage and view Big Data from IoT sensors installed on production lines. Discover DIDA, our Business Intelligence platform, which makes data talk while increasing efficiency.

Case Study

JOT: Digital Marketing becomes data driven

We improve marketing strategies using AI & Advanced Analyitics: we do it for JOT, enhancing Big Data to support digital campaigns.

Case Study

biAuto-Biasotti Group:
a digital car dealer

An innovative Cloud Suite, combined with a mobile app, connects car dealer with final customers, satisfying their needs and facilitating the communication.

Case Study

A state-of-the-art laboratory

With our digital healthcare tools we automate, integrate and monitor one of Europe's leading analysis laboratories.

Case Study

In Sardinia healthcare is more and more human-centric

With us, the Sardinia Region puts more than 1 million and a half citizens at the centre of an ecosystem that allows to rule all the healthcare processes, improving care and assistance services.

Research Project

INFINITECH: nuove tecnologie per una finanza digitale

Big Data, AI e IoT per l’innovazione del settore finanziario europeo.

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Oxford Academy