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Open Source suite for modern business analytics initiatives from data visualization to deep analysis

Knowage offers full analytical capabilities with a special focus on data visualization and self-service capabilities over traditional and big data sources.

It provides different modules (Big Data, Smart Intelligence, Enterprise Reporting, Location Intelligence, Performance Management, Predictive Analysis) to settle a tailored solution.

Knowage fits a wide range of business models: customer projects, OEM models, on-premise and on-cloud solution delivery. Knowage is an OPEN SOURCE solution: the source code is freely accessible, allowing everyone to join the community and develop new features.

Case Study

Centro Ricerche Fiat:
Industry 4.0

A Business Intelligence platform for the collection, management and visualization of big data derived from IoT sensors installed on production lines.

Case Study

JOT: value from data

Digital Marketing has an edge with our business intelligence and analytics platform.

Case Study

biAuto-Biasotti Group:
a digital car dealer

An innovative Cloud Suite, combined with a mobile app, connects car dealer with final customers, satisfying their needs and facilitating the communication.

Case Study

E-Health in the lab

Digital healthcare tools for automating, integrating and monitoring one of Europe's leading analysis laboratories.

Case Study

Sardegna Region:
Innovation of Administrative Processes

The growing demand for care can only be sustained through a smart governance of all available resources and Digital Transformation proves to be essential.

Research Project

nuove tecnologie per una finanza digitale

Big Data, AI e IoT per l’innovazione del settore finanziario europeo.

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