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Digital Banking Platform


Reshaping banking's digital landscape! A natively digital, modular, cloud-based architecture.

Digital Banking Platform

What is NOVA?

NOVA is a "Technology Framework" and an "Application Portfolio" designed to help institutions be fast and flexible in developing digital solutions that are natively multichannel and open to a scalable ecosystem of external partners.

It is a Composable Platform, separated from Core Banking Systems, designed to manage all digital touchpoints through an evolving layer of data, services and micro- functionality intended to create an increasingly consistent and autonomous ecosystem.

What does NOVA do?

NOVA enables application development for end-customers or distribution networks guaranteeing reduced time, high integrability with third-party applications or other corporate platforms with native Cloud scalability.

It consists of three different asset classes:

  • NOVA Foundation: basis for application development
  • NOVA Engine: Decision Making Engine, Data Management, Cybersecurity
  • NOVA Suite: Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Distressed Credit Management, Digital Lending & Credit Management.

They can be used as is or as an accelerator in the development of new solutions.