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Retail Platform

The New Modular and Unified Solution to manage online and offline sales in retail.

The platform offers a Unified Commerce experience with end-to-end coverage of digital commerce processes, reshaping the consumer's purchasing journey by enabling a seamless experience across various touchpoints and continuity between physical and digital channels.

The added value of our solution is that it presents itself as a digital ecosystem, integrating into the retailer's application map without disrupting internal processes, but rather modifying, adding, and integrating new functionalities to create new business opportunities and optimize existing processes.

How it works

The Retail Platform has a modular approach and is characterized by five functional areas that cover many online and offline retail sales processes.

Omnichannel store
An omnichannel platform (e-commerce and CMS) accessible on all devices ensures a seamless experience on the Internet and via smartphone applications. The system efficiently manages various stores with distinct commercial policies and catalogs.

In-store touch point
In-store touchpoints include Self Scanning with all the functionalities for customer shopping scans and the Store Totem with its integrations with the fresh product counter and the extension of the physical catalog, enabling purchases through digital channels.

Clienteling allows the management of store services and customer relationships, from support during the sales ceremony in boutiques to the management of services for store personnel in the new omnichannel scenario.

The platform enables order acquisition from eCommerce or retail, merchandise management, and related picking, ensuring high performance both manually and with automatic systems such as Modula and Savoye.

eProcurement optimizes the various stages of procurement, from request to payment. The main objective of the eProcurement functionality is to improve efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness in the procurement cycle.


New Sales Experience
Thanks to the continuous integration between physical and digital channels, it enables new sales channels and offers a distinctive user experience based on continuity between physical and digital channels.

Customer Engagement
Thanks to the approach towards Omnichannel, the system offers multiple advantages to customers, enhancing loyalty through a consistent experience across different purchase channels, whether physical or digital, providing greater engagement during various purchasing modes and allowing differentiation from the competition.

The platform stands out in the market for its wide range of connectors and interfaces, covering the interoperability of various applications and services, offering an integration layer without disrupting existing processes.

Optimization of Logistics Processes
With features such as load splitting, automated picking systems, and efficient inventory management, the Retail Platform revolutionizes logistics processes. By minimizing picking times, it not only improves operational efficiency but also provides valuable insights into the real-time movement and status of goods.

Modular Approach
Thanks to the modular nature of the solution, the platform allows for a gradual approach, without disrupting the existing architecture, enabling strong scalability.