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The latest ERP platform for Local Authorities, integrating Financial Accounting, Economic Patrimonial and Analytical Accounting

SICER is the latest generation ERP developed by Engineering, which integrates Financial Accounting, Economic Balance Sheet and Analytic, with full compliance to the latest regulatory provisions. Its underlying architecture and high degree of parameterization allows to meet the needs of all local authorities and, in particular, those of Regional Administrations.

SICER understands management events as part of a temporal continuum concerning the accounting fields of Financial Statements, Management, Economic Assets.
This approach allows:
  • complete visibility, with in-depth historical information concerning events even spread across several financial years;
  • simultaneous operating capabilities on all open trades;
  • absence of technical activities for opening/closing, with balance reporting


SICER simplifies and clarifies the complexities related to the management of New Financial Jurisdiction, the Cronoprograms and the Multi-Year Bonded Fund, allowing operators to focus their activities on specific management purposes.

The technology used allows the adoption of decentralized accounting management models between several organizations and / or offices.

SICER is characterized by a high level of configurability and parameterization, simplifying the integration with information systems already used by administrations.

In fact, it enjoys interoperability with legacy systems related to record management, community funds, IT protocol, electronic invoices, payments towards SIOPE+ and others.

Case Study

Liguria Region: Accounting standardization

A new accounting information system for complying with new regulations by adapting to existing internal processes.

Case Study

Digitalized Accounting for Public Administration

We are the leading partner for the digital transformation of public bodies: we optimize the management of their administrative and accounting processes to ensure efficiency.

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