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vDESK is a product dedicated to companies and organizations that need tools to share, communicate and collaborate but need a higher level of security and flexibility than that offered by market competitors.

Digital platforms for companies

Smart Working, Digital Workplace and Digital Transformation for companies with vDesk

vDESK allows to transform the traditional workstation into a digital workplace.

It is a secure and encrypted platform integrated with other corporate IT systems.

It allows to digitalise working activities, increasing flexibility and productivity, while reducing costs and downtime.
vDesk in Digital Workplace

What Does vDESK Do?

vDESK allows you to:

Work Everywhere
It enables to organize work activities and share information, allowing you to collaborate with your team from anywhere.

Work Anytime
It allows you to access the information and data of your workstation in real time and on any device.

Work Safely
It guarantees data security thanks to high standards of control and information protection.

Work Differently
It innovates the way of working through a flexible and scalable solution
Business digitization and technological innovation

How Does vDESK Work?

The platform is composed by a single dashboard and a set of integrated modules:
  • vSHARE - Share everything in a secure space.
  • vMEET - A single platform that allows to chat, call and create video conferences.
  • vPEC - A single mail client for mail & PEC.
  • vCANVAS - Helps to optimize productivity by enabling access to company applications at any time and from any device.
  • vFLOW - Digitalize and streamline business processes, eliminating complex paper and email-based workflows.
  • vCAL - A secure and private business calendar.
  • vPEOPLE - Keeps your contact list and contact details safe, protecting strategic links for your business.
  • vDPA - An integrated platform with the services of the Italian Certification Authorities.
  • v2FA - Enables two-step authentication, i.e. the safest method to protect access to accounts. In this way it guarantees identity and privacy.
vDesk and the future of work


Through a single dashboard, vDESK allows to:
  • Profile users in a simple and intuitive way
  • Use a set of integrated applications
  • Be supported by a virtual assistant
  • alerts and notifications
  • Manage appointments
  • Have constantly updated information.
  • VDesk_copertina_4jpg.jpg

    Use Case: Online Video-Desk

    The solution is applicable in all Energy&Utilities market sectors (Oil, Power, Gas, Water, Waste, Heating) and allows to carry out the counter operations in a real "virtual room".
    Through a totally digital management of the activities, the operator and the customer operate in a safe, simple and fast way.

    Benefits for the Operator:
    • effective appointment management also in smart working mode
    • improvement of quality of service
    • operations in safety
    • .

    Benefits for Customer Utilities:
    • no waiting times
    • saving time and money
    • reduction of travel stress
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