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The future of multimedia content

How Blockchain, NFTs transactions and Web 3.0 are evolving multimedia content into the Metaverse.


Enable new ways of fair, creative content distribution to meet the growing demand for hyper-personalised solutions and the seamless convergence of physical and virtual life.


An innovative decentralised platform that includes services and tools for the creation and management of digital assets by developing new applications and enabling users to produce and ingest new content that is directly assessed and distributed.

The solution simplifies the framework for artists by providing them with a set of tools that help them easily participate and offer their creative content via the blockchain without the need for a technical background.


  • With Blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as key technologies for digital asset management it is possible to create the Metaverse in the creative content industry.
  • With the Blockchain-based platform it is possible to support the creation of decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) and the emerging co-creation model in Web 3.0 for the fair distribution of creative content through new digital models based on NFTs.

Expected Results

Integrates NFTs and blockchain-based

Enables novel technologies (AI, 3D avatars, etc.)

Stimulates new business models based on DAOs


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