Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

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Sardinian Job Day

Engineering at the event organized by Sardinia Region and ASPAL.

Cagliari, March 30 - 31 2023

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Engineering returns to Career Day 2023 bringing a glimpse of the future

Engineering will attend the Career Day at the University of Naples Federico II.

Naples, April 05 2023


Smart Infrastructures Day 2023

Engineering is among the key players at the event to address the governance and transformation of Utilities infrastructure impacted by the NRP in the areas of Water Management.

Milan, April 04 2023

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Consulting Career Week: Guess my job

Engineering attends the event organized by PoliMi.

April 05 2023


Bocconi & Jobs

Engineering attends the recruiting and networking event organized by Bocconi University.

Milano, April 03 - 05 2023


Community "Valore Acqua" for Italy

Engineering is taking part in the final event of the 4th edition of the Community led by The European House Ambrosetti.

Rome, March 22 2023


Global Summit Logistics & Supply Chain 2023

A two-day full immersion dedicated to business, insights and professional culture.

Lazise (Verona), March 22 - 23 2023


Data Spaces Symposium: building the future, benefit together

Engineering in The Hague to attend the largest annual event dedicated to Data Spaces.

The Hague, March 21 - 23 2023


Getting closer: making connections to cope with uncertainty

Engineering is platinum partner of SAP Executive Summit 2023.

March 17 - 18 2023


Engineering Metaverse Dome Experience

Engineering brings the Metaverse to La Sapienza University with Corriere della Sera for Obiettivo 5.

Rome, March 09 - 10 2023


Woman - Profession Engineer

Engineering at PoliTo on the occasion of International Women's Rights Day.

Turin, March 08 2023


Open Data, when PA data become services

An event open to the public at the Genova Blue District.

Genoa, February 28 2023