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Open Customer Experience

The Summer CeTIF Summit presents the results of the research.

June 10 2020


AQUALITY Forum 2020

Engineering is a sponsor of AQUALITY Forum, the event dedicated to the integrated water service.

Milan, September 03 2020

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App Challenge 2019

Engineering promotes the fourth edition of the event organized by the Computer Science Department of the University of Salerno.

Salerno, February 19 2019


OmnitechIT at Itasec2019

The event brings together researchers and professionals from the public and private sectors in Pisa to discuss the issues of cybersecurity.

Pisa, February 13 - 15 2019


DistribuTECH Conference

OverIT attends DistribuTECH, one of the main fairs on Electric, Gas and Water Utilities sector.

New Orleans (USA), February 05 - 07 2019


E-World Energy & Water 2019

OverIT attends the 2019 edition of E-World Energy & Water, the leading trade fair will take place in Essen on February 5/7 and will focus Smart Cities & Climate Solutions topics.

Essen (Germania), February 05 - 07 2019


The Forecast Budget 2019-2021

Muncipia promotes the event organized by ANUTEL - National Association of Local Government Tax Offices and the Municipality of Mola di Bari.

Mola di Bari, January 29 2019


The DEMAND project

Engineering participates in the workshop for university students and freelancers, organized by the Order of Engineers of the Province of Palermo and sponsored by AEIT.

Palermo, January 16 2019


City Enabler Open Call

The Smart City platform powered by FIWARE gathers innovative ideas in Helsinki and Antwerp by January 15th.

Helsinki e Anversa, January 15 2019


8x20 BNL relay for Telethon

Engineering has confirmed this year the participation with three teams in the fund-raising initiative now in its seventh edition.

Roma, December 16 2018


VUEworks National User Conference

OverIT promotes the VUEworks National User Conference, the meeting organized by the partner DTS GIS to focus on VUEWorks, the web-enabled Integrated GIS, Enterprise Asset Management solution.

Orlando (Florida), December 05 - 07 2018