Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

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Field Service East

OverIT in Florida with Geocall and SPACE1 solutions.

Amelia (Florida), August 19 - 21 2019


Cybertech Europe 2019

A conference on Cyber Industry and Cybersecurity in Rome.

Roma, September 24 - 25 2019


TIBCO Now: Innovation Everywhere

A conference on Digital Transformation in London.

London, September 25 - 26 2019

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Esri User Conference 2019

The most successful stories of OverIT at the biggest worldwide event on GIS.

San Diego (California), July 08 - 12 2019


IEEE World Congress on Services

Engineering at the conference on Cloud, IoT and Blockchain.

Milan, July 08 - 13 2019


Artificial Intelligence and Manufacturing

Engineering presents in Brussels The Musketeer Project.

Brussels, July 02 2019


Google Cloud Summit

The future of the Cloud is staged in Milan.

Milan, June 25 2019


Supervision, Risks & Profitability

In Rome, two days of meetings to talk about digitized and interconnected markets.

Rome, June 25 - 26 2019


The digital transformation of manufacturing

Engineering at the Industry 4.0 workshop with the MIDIH project.

Milan, June 19 2019


EUCNC 2019: European Conference on Networks and Communications

Engineering at the 5G international conference in Valencia.

Valencia, June 18 - 21 2019


Summer CeTIF Summit

In Milan, a meeting on the Digital Transformation and the Italian financial system.

Milan, June 12 2019


Open Source toward Industry maturity

Engineering at the OW2 Conference presenting the last new features of Knowage.

Paris, June 12 - 13 2019