Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

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New normality for new cities: technological, resilient and at the service of people

Municipia organizes the webinar "the Rome model".

September 28 2020


Media Industry Innovation

Andrea Longo participates in the Tech Talk of the European Digital Forum.

September 29 2020


Young people and the future of work

Claudio Biestro speaks at the HRC Round Table

September 29 2020

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Festival of the Cities

The second edition of the ALI event bring together administrators and politicians for a debate about the future

Complesso del Pio Sodalizio dei Piceni, September 29 2020 - October 02 2020

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Cybersecurity: managing risk in turbulent times

Adopting increasingly adequate systems for the management of cyber risks and the security of the business community.

September 29 2020 - October 21 2020

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Sustainability Forum 2020

Putting people at the center to propose sustainable and responsible innovation.

September 24 - 25 2020


Digital Manufacturing Platforms and Digital Innovation Hubs

At the Gare du MIDIH the presentation of the results of the research project.

September 22 2020


FIWARE Circular Economy Day

A look at the sustainable future in terms of technology and resources.

September 21 2020


Communication skills, teamwork, work organization and much more ...

Final session of the Master in Human Resources Management promoted by Engineering.

September 21 2020


Augmented and Virtual Reality: a new world

A new Master Class edition with Engineering.

September 21 - 28 2020


1st Event Metric 2020

Engineering at the association appointment for the diffusion of quantitative software measurement techniques.

Padua, September 18 2020


Cybersecurity state of affairs: New threats, challenges and solutions

Marco Tulliani intervenes at the Cybertech Europe Digital Event.

September 16 2020


Automotive Dealer Day 2020

Engineering promotes the Digital Edition of the main Italian event on Automotive ecosystem.

September 16 - 17 2020


Webinar of Cybertech about the potential of SIEM

How to monitor, detect and block attacks in real time.

September 15 2020