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The Data Centers for the development of the Italian digital ecosystem

Presentation of the results of the 2021 Research of the Politecnico di Milano.

January 13 2022


Safety in public transport

PREVENT-PCP research project launches an Open Market Consultation.

Marseille, January 19 - 20 2022


The relationship between customer and company in the digital age

Final event to present the results of the 2021 CRM Observatory.

March 15 2022

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Next mobility: smart data sharing to moving goods and people

Engineering participates in the 2nd Data Sharing Winter School

December 07 - 09 2021


Gaia-X: the Italian hub for the development of the data economy

At Connext 2021 the announcement of the official constitution of the Gaia-X Hub Italia Association.

December 03 2021


PNRR, efficiency of water networks, lighting and public real estate assets

Municipia intervenes at the new event of the ExSUF center of excellence.

December 02 2021


The diffusion and degree of maturity of CRM among Italian companies

In-depth webinar on the results of the CRM Observatory.

December 02 2021


Club Compliance & Governance: let's start from bubbles

Engineering and Nexen together for a new information governance culture.

Brescia, December 01 2021


The European Union's response to the threat of terrorism

Engineering participates in the Annual Conference on Countering Terrorism in the EU 2021.

December 01 - 03 2021


How to optimize your Supply Chain

Engineering participates in the workshop of the Community B ISC3.

November 30 2021


CISO Cloud Summit Italy

Marco Tulliani intervenes at the event organized by CSA and Assintel.

Milan, November 30 2021


IoT & Edge Convergence: moving towards European solutions

Online webinar organized by AIOTI initiative.

November 30 2021